Al-Shifa, where ‘shifa” means to cure. This implies the cure in all the dimensions. We promote wellness in holistic way, where we merge Naturopathy Ayurveda & Yoga principles and helping the needy patients to restore the health in best possible way.

Al-shifa treats, Almighty heals

We expertise in “Drugless therapies” with experienced, dedicated team working in harmony to acheive Patient’s health. Precise treatment, Homely, Healthy diet and hearty love and care is the bench mark Al-Shifa, which makes patient’s to feel ‘Home away from Home’.


Our holistic way of treating dieseases and health promotion, is having absolutely NO side effects. We treat the patients not the diseases. We improve the Resistance power/Immunity of the Host or the Patient, When Immunity is enhanced, body fights effectively against all ailments and diseases. We help the body heal itself in this way.

`Al-Shifa Hospital is located at the Natural area of Venganoor, Trivandrum Kerala, is very favorable for Healing`.

Though area is accessible to Railway station and airport, Still it retains the pleasant, unpolluted, calm ambience.